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# Process record

The School of Stolen Genius (SOSG)

pitch idea 投稿样式

When submitting the paper, I followed the medieval and mystery visual tone of the original LOGO; analyzed their design requirements to designed the essay and product card. This work ultimately impressed the client and led me to the project.

在投稿的时候,我针对甲方想要神秘感进行了设计,遵循原来的 LOGO 的中古视觉调性,分析它们所需的设计需求设计了它们的线下任务单以及产品卡。此作品最终打动了客户,使得我拿到这个项目。

The real process of my design is far more complecate, Rosie wanted a modern, secrete feeling of their visual identity, so I follow their explaination and finally create the final list that we all likes.


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