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Warrior, are you ready to fight?

RMIT Building 201 wayfinding design

I designed a storytelling wall for the bioscience faculty in their building entrance. It tells a story about the bioscience warrior fight for the virus monster and finally defeats them. The main highlight is that I combine the PPE mention with the story at the entrance of the door. The main style is combining with manga, MRI pictures.

The bioscience faculty had a problem, then ask our Master of visual communication student to re-design the entrance wall. They are not satisfied with what it looks like now.
Then according to my observation, the entrance area can separate by 3 main functions. I classified it through the columns in front of the wall that I had to design.

After I had the opportunity to interview Tesintha, who currently study Master of Laboratory Medicine, she let me know that majorities of the student love their major, but they need an entrance that can engage and make them feel energetic and proud of what they are studying.

She agrees with my idea about the bioscience warrior, which makes me insisted on this idea, though I have generated 5 ideas.

The story is the same, but with different containment, the tone will change.

I decided to tell this story through the Egyptian wall print style cause it is religious, serious but it can be fun. But after reconsidered it with my tutor, I decided to change it, so I came up with idea that using mango style with MRI picture style to translate the story will be far more interesting than simply use Egyptian wall print.

They also needs LCD screen design for the RMIT marketing and their class schedule.

Thanks !