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The Biography
Of Dragon Boats

Diagon boat festival culture delivery aimed App design

It is one of the national culture projects in order to protect and spread Chinese culture. It recommends us to design an app to introduce the culture of dragon boat of Dongguan. The course cost 4 months.I worked with two people and I work for all visual image and percentation and other members programed the game in the Flash software.

Our concepts
We made an investigation of the dragon-boats factory and dragon-boats competition, moreover, we took lots of photographs to became our first-hand materials and therefore selected and investigated our app.1 We discover that it had some dragon-boat apps in Apple store, which is old-fashion and boring as well as over-data-intensive just like a big dictionary. Finally, we considered these part of things, including time-limited, information, designed characteristic and so on, intended to create a dragon-boat app which is using game to give consumers new knowledge. The contents including dragons’ head, temples, the process of ceremony before dragon-boat entering the water, the layout methods of sailors and leaning how to listen the rhythm of drunks and what kind of awards that winner can have.2

Color matching1
With classical orange and red color and cooperate with 90% degree of black and blue as well as green. Tails design 2 We had created different styles of dragon-boats’ tails, however, we think the smaller one is the best choice, because it is not very significant part of dragon-boat and it cannot more attractive than the dragon head.

Head design 3/4
I discovered that dragon heads are very special and fun, so I focus on their critical organ and try to behave it well, there are 4 different kinds of dragon head available for consumers to understand, select and play. ( PS: different villages in Dongguan have different styles of dragon head.)

Sailors design 5
Because of the fact that one of the games in our app have a sailors select progress, we need to create different gesture of them, especially create their funny gestures that when subjects drag them into the boat likes to be pulling up.

Our project represent one of the achievement of our university that exhibited in London and other counties.


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