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TEDX York visual design

TED Talk 约克大学场系列海报设计


As a Creative Director (volunteer) in CSDA, I had the opportunity to design the TEDxYorkU poster for CSDA, which was launch on November 02, 2019. The VP told me this project one week before its start. So the time is limited, and I should come up with concepts and implement them in a short time.

Problem finding

There are a bunch of TED Talk posters were designed by designers before. However, majorities of them never use images to deliver the message( it just a decoration). Images appear for functional and message delivery, why not use them delivered the word messages?


There are four lectures with four different people with different business topics.
I came up with an idea that using simple line-based illustrations to demonstrateseach topics, so that all line-based illustrations can combines together into the main poster.

Fingerprint represents the topics:
Future of the Human, Human’s Future.



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