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How do game brands make social responsibility Ads?


腾讯游戏社会责任广告设计 | 概念设计

Project Type

SRA Research

Ads Design
Project Designer

Ashur He 
My Contribution

  • Project Analysis 项目分析
  • Idea Generation 概念创意
  • Design 广告设计

What is Social Responsible Ads?


The definition of social responsibility advertising is that the brand promotes its products or brands and gives a gift to society. Its value is that the brand is not just making profits but also contributing to the community. Compared with simple advertising, social responsibility advertising can make the brand reach more audiences, and the public will understand and have a positive impression of the brand.

In order to identify or design socially responsible advertising, three things need to be met:

  1. People who are not interested in brands or products will be interested in this topic.
  2. Consumers interested in the brand or product itself will like the brand or product more because of this topic.
  3. The topic can not be the pain point of the product itself, only the secondary.

Designing social responsibility advertising without summarizing methodology will deviate from the scope of social responsibility advertising and become either traditional commercial or public service advertising without commercial.



  1. 对品牌或产品不感兴趣的大众也会对这个话题感兴趣并有同感。

  2. 对品牌或产品本身感兴趣的消费者会因为这个话题更加喜欢这个品牌或者产品。

  3. 所说的话题不可以是产品本身的痛点,只能是其次的其次。




My failed design: These are not social responsible ads:

我设计的领克 campaign 并不能让对汽车以外的受众看见并感兴趣,也违背了产品本身不可以是直接痛点的问题,即使这个广告是为了推广可持续性的。这些设计都属于传统广告。

我设计的使命召唤 campaign 并不能让对游戏以外的受众看见并感兴趣,即使是为了推广反战和和平的。这些设计都属于传统广告。

Design 1 

The first design advocates environmental protection.

We know that the game world will often render the natural scenery as beautiful as the real thing, but if we don't take care of the environment, the landscape will never exist, and we will have to enjoy it in the virtual world. Therefore, I designed two slogans. One is to reflect on direct users, and the other is to make people reflect on our damage to the environment in the tone of future generations to achieve the effect. The background images are the environment rendered by the game, and another one below is the contrast between the game environment and reality.




Design 2

The second design expresses three aspects:
  • There is an equal social contribution in different types of works.
  • Teamwork can promote social development.
  • We rely on social workers to live in a pandemic.

In the game "Peace Elite," the opening of four players is the most typical because your team will have a big chance to fail if you lack one person. I use this as the connection point to connect the concept that social contribution is indispensable. This poster advocates social equality and teamwork.


  • 不同工种对社会贡献都很重要。
  • 团队合作才能成大事。
  • 疫情多亏了这些基层贡献者。


Design 3

The third design is straightforward, showing that women can also "go to war." Women's working ability is equal to men's, even in a complementary state, so we need more female war gods in the workplace.


Design 4

The fourth design is about who is responsible for the growth of teenagers. In this regard, Tencent games do have a system designed to prevent teenagers from getting addicted to games, but the key lies in parents' supervision and setting an example. If the parents themselves are addicted to their phones, how can they let less self-controlled teenagers control themselves? I made a twin poster for advocating parents spend time with their children without playing with phones. The brand can use the Chinese version poster inside the WeChat Moments ads.


Design 5

The fifth design is about a civilized ride public transport system. On subways and buses, we will hear some people watching their phones with an open voice sometimes, which disturb and destroy the personal space of other passengers. It's like everyone is not at the same dimension. So instead of watching, you force them to listen to your dimensional noise.

I connect this concept to various game characters in Tencent games and represent different types of people to reflect sound playing outside at public transports.


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