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Search My Book

Your personal Bookshelf Management System

Search My Book is a bookshelf management app that aims to create a useful AI system to manage and arrange your bookshelf resources. Through collecting and classifying the data, user can utilize their physical book resource more efficient and effective than searching online resources only.

   This is the SKO and refletive publication of the design entrepreneur class. When I pondered the final project of this class, my understanding of the defination of the “archive” is far more mature than the time before I study master program at RMIT.

An archive is an accumulation of historical records – in any media – or the physical facility in which they are located.

- Wikipedia

   Archive can be as big as physical and digital collection on the national museum gallery, it also can be as small as your personal portfolio, or, all your toys in your room.

    Archiving as an motion and active that aims for summarized and use archives in a new way or theme. I believe archiving can help us managing and utilizing our resources and sometimes, help us review and preparing for the development.

    I asked myself, what kinds of my daliy life problems can be solved by archiving? I realized that the books that I had bought doesn’t help me in a right time. I forgeting use them almost all the time when I am doing research. Why not making a system that helps me manage and use my books more effetively and efficiently?
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