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7 June 2020 | 5 minute read

Have you ever calculated how many hours a day you spend playing games? More than 3 hours ? ! You must be an expert on this game!

Playing games actually gives us a lot of inspiration:
It is a process of learning and exploration that can teach us better realistic survival skill.

Example is this game: "Blade", which popped into my eye on the App Store one day, is a game that combines Quest, Create and conquer (because I like first-person shooter and duel games, its game introduction immediately attracted me to download). I use this game because it teaches me the ability to survive in the real world. I found 10 insights from the game.


Planning. Planning ahead

It doesn't matter if you're planning your castle, planning your plants, planning your pre-war equipment, planning your drug stores. The advantage of architectural planning is that it saves you money and your life.

I believe that you don't want to spend a lot of building materials and then tear it down to build a store, right? It takes at least four or five rounds of "work" to collect the materials and accumulate the money.

Instead of thinking about whether it's going to be a store in the future, it's better not to build a store in the area now and save the money and resources to finish the store first, because you know - the store is many times more prosperous and functional than the residential building.

The benefit of battle planning is that it allows you to hit back on the battlefield by changing your attributes as you go along. The drug reserve makes you less likely to die and increases your attack rate dramatically - saving you from wasting resurrection scrolls (which are very rare when you need to buy or upgrade your level).

This tells you whether it's in life,  job hunting, branding. Without a plan, you can easily "die."

Don't tell me, " look at me,  I'm still hired/look, I'm famous without planning."
Every time you take a job as a work of art, it is because you have a plan, which you know is a reflection of your ability and responsibility. Some people have their own ambition, so planning already as a natural part of their daily work life. Mindset is important.

And sometimes it's just the right thing: people, the right place, the right time.
What are the odds of winning the lottery? What are the odds that you're not prepared or planned?

Branding: When you're not in the market, your planning is fundamental to making your brand successful, and important.

What market are you in?
Have you done any status analysis?
Who are your basic consumer segments?
Who are your target customers?
Your brand positioning?
Your integrated marketing plan... Your people, your connections?
Want to get into the market without that? God bless you.

Everything has to be planned.
Unplanned = more time wasted = more money wasted = off course.
If you think it's worth it, it is your choice.


How well you know your enemy will determine how hard it is to win.

On the battlefield, remember your moves and the attributes of your opponent's equipment: the equipment on your opponent's hand glows blue and purple, indicating lightning, and so on. It doesn't matter if you have the wrong equipment, you can change it in the second round.

Recruitment, job hunting, brand management, is to know yourself and know your opponent, how your competitors are going to react, what they're doing right now, you may think your competitors already know you're going to play this card or they did it a year ago. Is your carefully prepared work really good? Or do you feel good that someone else has a better work than you? Where is your competitive advantage at this point?


All that matters on the battlefield is momentum

Although this is learned in Sun Tzu's art of War, but also experienced in the game, I admit that game summed up this is really difficult.

When you and another player battle one against one, you can have reaction emojis during preparation. This if you use it well you can make your opponent nervous and feel as if you are good. Then these players will get nervous and get confused and playing randomly, so you just have to control your moves and calmly improvise. (To be honest, sometimes an opponent's mess is a good move.)

Sports competition is obvious, is to have momentum. Whether it's a presentation or a meeting, you need confidence to convince your audience.
As a leader, you have to have momentum even in the most critical and dangerous moments. As a brand, advertising is their momentum, the key period is also willing to pay to show people confidence is momentum.


Try, as long as you're guaranteed to win

When you find that your current moves aren't working, start experimenting with them. Before the small strange conscription not so fierce, now become conscription, chop off you will soon have no blood. How much damage does holding a shield reduce? Does using the magic freeze trick reduce its casting speed and appearance? (Try), reserve more blood bottles (guaranteed to win).

The client just wants the right logo (guaranteed win), tries everything (try), plays what you want (try).
The brand should conduct a campaign to attract customers to buy (KPI is the prerequisite for winning) and try various ideas. Cooperate with this studio this time and try that idea next time.


Keep curious

Check to see if there's a treasure chest in the taskbar, if there's a fork in the road, if there's a hidden mechanism. Treasure can give you more at once.

Reading magazines, novels, Watching TV dramas, movies, visiting exhibitions,chating with people, there will be a harvest. Treasure can be a word (wow brand slogan was born), an Angle (blockbuster style fixed), a material (it can be used in this way originally).


Regularly Review

Remember to repair your equipment and see if you have anything on you that you can sell and save room for more important things.

look at your work, what do you find? Do you want to continue your research or do you not like this style and try something new?

Brand sales down or flat? Normal? Good? Bad? Why is that? Have you done the user research yet? Too much junk data to clean up, data without a good problem driving the use of garbage data.


I/O must be balanced

Haven't you noticed that the amount of money in your wallet has been dropping when You upgrade your weapons and decorating your city without working?

Read too much learn too much without doing any output? Write it down. Don't you feel yourself have too much “oil” in your body without output?


Don't be afraid of risk. What about four stars of difficulty?

Difficulty doesn't mean you can't win, as long as you are able to cope and have the resources.

The level of the game has 4 and 5 stars, the system is based on your existing equipment to calculate the winning rate. There's nothing wrong with the five stars being basically dead. But four stars and three stars are fuzzy, and a lot of times the system has problems with the calculation. Because it doesn't know your best equipment and your personal combo skills and backup resources. Sometimes the risk is not right. Try it if it feels right. Don't be afraid.

How to increase confidence and courage?

When you do more things that you have felt that you couldn't do for several times, even "little things."

Here is an example of me

The PPT of brand strategy completed within a week will be deleted overnight if the software fails without a second backup and the deadline is only 1 day.

The pressure caused me to break out mentally and physically. I spent 11 hours of sleep quickly and manually redoing all the PPT pages without missing a thing. In hindsight, I found that what I thought impossible was because some variables had not been considered by myself: I had the impression of every PPT, the logical structure was clear, and I was clear about the conclusion and every idea point.


Take your time*3

Everybody knows this, practice, and it takes time.
How else do you become an expert at a game? You've been practicing for dozens of hours every day.


Ethics and kindness are important

Another aspect of the game are ethics and kindness, they will help you achieve your mission objectives by reducing the number of battles and making it easier to win.

like what Ruin by Design saying: “Be a Gate Keeper.” You can't kill targets just for money and obey the queen's demands without listening the explanation and considered the ethics.

Brand ethics, professional ethics can not be lost.

I still think that a person has only one side, has the virtue is very important, I will not respect a person who has the talent has no virtue.

Although you can appreciate the work of an immoral person, you will never have anything to do with him or her again, vice versa.

Different games will teach you different survival skills, these are a few of the points I've seen in this game.

I hope you can also share some of your game harvest, so that everyone can learn and discuss.