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Marketing strategy & integrated communication plan


Metabical 市场战略和整合营销策划

Year | 2020  Project team: Ashur (lead) / Santiago / Varuni /Aida

Strategy marketing management


Integrated marketing communication plan


Metabical 作为 2020 年上市的创新型减肥药,其竞争对手副作用大,可信度低,这使得 Metabical 药本身在进入减肥产品市场方面具有很强的竞争优势。通过分析两类目标消费者群体,制定了定位和市场营销组合。

Metabical as an innovative weight-loss drugs that should be launch at 2020, it’s competitors have strong side-effects and low credibility, which makes Metabical has strong competitive advantage to entre the weight-controled product market.

There are two groups of target customers we should considered, one is end-user, another is doctor.

Medical adviser: For the general physicians makeing efforts to help patients to lose weight, Metabical is the weight-loss drug with low side effects which capable of achiveing long-term effectiveness that satisfies your work, because only Metabical has minimal side effects on the consumer by using the innovative calosera and meditonan components.

End-users: For 35+ overweight customers looking for a safe and credible solution to their weight problems, Metabical provides a satisfactory treatment with low side effects and strong medical backing. This is because only Metabical uses the scientifically proven and innocative ingredients of calosera and meditonan that cause dramatic weight reduction with minimal side effects.

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The deck incudes:

1: Market definition
2: Situation analysis
3: STP
4: Value discipline
5: Demaind forecast
6: Pricing
7: Package size
8: Channel

1: 市场定义
2: 现状分析(VRIO,5C's 6 Forces)
3: STP
4: 价值信条

5: 需求预测
6: 定价
7: 包装组合大小
8: 销售渠道
整合营销沟通计划中,我们的创意目标是对于35+偏重人群,以确保“突破性产品:一个创新并通过临床试验认证的减肥解决系统。” 有效和清楚地整合在所有宣传活动中。”对于普通医生,我们想要提高他们与 Metabical 的欲望和功能性的联系,确保信息:“信任 Metabical :帮助您提供有效的减肥指导和最小的副作用的最安全和最可信的助手” 有效和清楚地整合在所有宣传活动中。


For the integrated marketing communication plan, our crative objective for 35+ overweight individuals is to form a functional connection, educating and empoering them as ensure the message “ breakthrogh product: An innovative and reliable weight loss solution system with guaranteed results, certified by clinical trials” is effectively and clearly integrated in all communications during the campaign. For the general physician, we want to raise their desire and functional connection, ensure the message: “ trust Metabical: the safest and most credible assistant that helps you provide effective weight loss guidance with minimal side effect” is clearly integrated in all campaign.

We recommended to have pro-launch, launch, post launch plans to attract customers better.

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The shortage of this plan is that we haven’t recommend how to combines those plan based on the budget, but we put the minimum cost of each plan and recommend client not using some media due to destroy the credibility and the Metabical position and whether it cost too much but have lower conversion rate. Such as wesite banner, Pinterest.
The deck incudes:

1:Marketing communication strategy
2:Target customer profile
3: Communication objective
4: Media plan
5: Detail exectution
6: Budget & Time management
7: Media rejection
8:AD Design

1: 市场交流战略 2: 目标消费者画像
3: 营销目标
4: 媒体计划
5: 执行创意计划 6: 预算和时间规划 7: 拒绝使用的媒体 8:宣传物设计

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