Marketing is finding ways to make customers' life get better, profitably.

Integrated marketing communication is delivering an accurated message to the customers in the right time and place, creatively.

If you need a well-integrated plan within a marketing strategy, marketing communication, and creative execution, as a designed-driven marketer with both marketing and design skill, I can help your brand build up a competitive marketing strategy, creative marketing communication and well match creative execution that makes your brand stand out in the crowded market.

My teaching Faculty:
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Interactive marketing plan
  • CRM solutions
  • Marketing problem solving
  • Platform analysis
  • Deck design

  • VH sauce
  • All Alzheimer’s
  • Kelp Jerky (akua)
  • Silfab Solar
Case study:
  • Chase Shapphire
  • Home Nursing services
  • Laurs & Bridz
  • Metabical
  • ...30+