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Exploration of contemporary Asian art & Publishing


# virtual publishing project 虚拟出版项目 Creative Director: Ashur
Designer: Ruoyi, Jiarong, Ashur, Alice
Editor: Ruoyi, Jiarong, Ashur, Alice

当代亚洲艺术与出版的发现是个虚拟出版项目,目的是围绕当代亚洲艺术和出版探讨其引起的社会价值和意义。我通过提出并与团队成员探讨“什么是出版?” 这个问题,决定基于不同内容选择合适的载体将内容呈现(比如我们探讨了岳敏君的笑脸在他讽刺社会上面的作用,于是我用面具的方式未出版载体,面具背面用来承载文字)。最终呈现为一个多样载体的出版物盲盒。


This virtual publishing project focuses on the topic of Asian contemporary art, thinking around art publishing and Asian art publishing.

Asia itself is not a homogenous landscape, not only a single location but also multiple and intersecting landscapes of geography, culture, society, history, and within. The rise of Asian Contemporary Art also indicates that pan-Asian internationalism is gradually replacing the European cultural hegemony towards cultural pluralism. This has permeated into the field of design and publishing.

There is now a popular word called Decololized design, which advocates the pluralism of design and opposes cultural colonialism.Independent publishing itself has the meaning of political action, which can minority groups and people to communicate in the "dialect", like a cultural way of democracy.

Designers understand that design cannot solve a social problem and must be a participant, push on, and support government agencies and community leaders to lead real change (Van Buren). It can say these art and publishing activities are an act of promoting change.

Design concepts about the publishing

When we decided on the form of our publishing, we were inspired by Paul Soulellis about what publishing is. Publishing can be everything as long as it can contain your idea and words that accurately express your concept to the receivers. It is a form of selling toys for young people. It drives them crazy because they can’t see what insides is. Many blind boxes have the same package, but they contain different characters inside. You never know which one you will buy, which like a wager. In this way, buyers will buy it several times until they get what they want.

In order to be like Asian art style, we think about the spirit of Asian. This idea brings me remember a quote from Bruce Lee- water, water is flexible, also powerful, it can shape like any containments. Just like how we want to create our publishing.

Details about the design

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