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2018 MIIDII New Product Promoting
and Spring Festival blessing

谜底 2018 春节上新 H5 设计

To promote new products at the Chinese New Year festival, I applied H5 with a mini-game of clothes matching to illustrate MIIDII’s latest clothing collection.

As Chinese women, they may face three challenges during the spring festival: family party, blind date, and friend party. MIIDII can help them solve the anxious and awkward situation by dressing the best suited clothes. By playing this dress-up game through H5, customers can try new clothes from MIIDII and see the solution we provide for them. So, the spring festival newsletter in WeChat would not like a promotion anymore.

在2018年的春节前夕,MIIDII 品牌需要进行春节推广。作为负责自媒体运营的设计师,我对这次春节推送提出了一个挑战:打破原有的“大片”上新方式,增加对消费者娱乐与实际问题的解决方案。

作为中国女性,春节期间她们或将面临三个挑战:家庭聚会、相亲和朋友聚会。MIIDII 可以帮助他们装扮,解决焦虑和尴尬的情况。通过 H5 装扮游戏,消费者可以尝试 MIIDII 的新衣服,看看我们提供的解决方案,让微信的春节营销有温度。

Project Type

H5 自域营销设计
H5 Interactive design

Project Designer

Ashur He
My Contribution

  • Idea Generation 概念创意
  • Design 设计

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