Guangzhou Design Week Gongzi Brand visual design

Digital campaign and poster design for Gongzi Brand in Guangzhou.

Gongzi Brand is an old fashioned brand. According to the founder’s idea: he wanted to position his brand as a younger brand.

I decided to restart promoting and give up the old style to make it younger. At last I made the poster with a “cool” on it by putting together 3 types of word codes to express this brand’s shoes are extremely cool.

Detail About the Idea 势无忌惮 is different to 肆无忌惮: in Chinese language, 势means power and style. The whole meaning of 肆无忌惮 is Unscrupulous in a positive way. By combining with 势(style and power) with 肆无忌惮(Chinese phrase), the target audiences will connect the style of Gong shoes with the traditional meaning of  肆无忌惮. So that decoding the meaning that Gong shoes are Unscrupulous by having the ownderful styles.

Because it is unscrupulous, the language of “cool” should be incoded in a other secret words.


为了突出无解的概念,我在文字上把 Cool 英文单词通过”编码“,筛选了《圆与方》书里面的编码化文字进行呈现。后期呈现希望让客户用屏幕展示动态海报的效果烘托气氛。

  • 海报*4 (实际需要)
  • H5 邀请函 (实际需要)
  • 3米展布
  • 贴纸

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